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Municipal Codes

The Municipal Code is arranged below by Chapter, some being available in both MSWord and Adobe Acrobat document formats.

This information is intended only as a general reference source and as such,
may not represent a complete or current version of the documentation.
Current copies of these documents may be requested from the Town Clerk.
 (Administrative or duplication fees may apply.)

MS Word or Adobe Acrobat are required to view the applicable files.
Right click on the desired file and select open or save as.
If viewed online, use your browser’s back button to return to this page.
Use the AdobeReader link on the menu bar at the left to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat reader.

Chapter Title

Word Document

Acrobat Document

Chapter 1
General Provisions

Chapter 1.doc

Chapter 1.pdf

Chapter 2
Civil Citations   (Revised 01-10-2010)


Chapter 2

Chapter 6
Absentee Balloting

Chapter 6.doc

Chapter 6.pdf

Chapter 10
Cable TV


Chapter 10.pdf

Chapter 12
Ethics Ordinance

Chapter 12.doc


Chapter 24
Planning & Zoning Commission

Chapter 24.doc


Chapter 28
Fair Housing Ordinance


Chapter 28.pdf

Chapter 29
Registration and Elections


Chapter 29.pdf

Chapter 37
Air Quality Control

Chapter 37.doc

Chapter 37.pdf

Chapter 40
Alcoholic Beverages (Revised 12-2009)


Chapter 40.pdf

Chapter 43
Animals  (Revised 02-2009)


Chapter 43.pdf

Chapter 51
Buildings & Structures, Dangerous

Chapter 51.doc

Chapter 51.pdf

Chapter 52
Premise Identification (Revised 03-2009)


Chapter 29.pdf

Chapter 57
Curfew for Minors (Revised 12-2009)


Chapter 57.pdf

Chapter 58
Loitering (Revised 12-2009)


Chapter 58.pdf

Chapter 63 (Revised 11-22-2010)
Solid Waste Ordinance


Chapter 63.pdf

Chapter 64 (Revised 2-16-2010)
Dumping & Refuse Disposal


Chapter 64.pdf

Chapter 68  (Revised 02-2009)
Electric Wiring & Connections

Chapter 68.doc

Chapter 68.pdf

Chapter 72
Firearms (Revised 09-2009)


Chapter 72.pdf

Chapter 74
Fire Plugs

Chapter 74.doc

Chapter 74.pdf

Chapter 84  (Revised 12-22-2010)
Property Maintenance


Chapter 84.pdf

Chapter 85


Chapter 85.pdf

Chapter 86  (New 9-2009)
Public Urination and Defecation


Chapter 86.pdf

Chapter 90 (Updated 12-01-2010)


Chapter 90.pdf

Chapter 93 (Updated 10-12-2010)


Chapter 93.pdf

Chapter 94
Colorfest -  (Revised 03-23-2010)


Chapter 94.pdf

Chapter 95
Purchasing Procedures

Chapter 95.doc


Chapter 96
Property Tax Credit

Chapter 96.doc


Chapter 99
Sewer & Water Assessment Rates

Chapter 99.doc

Chapter 99.pdf

Chapter 102
Sewers & Sewage Disposal

Chapter 102.doc

Chapter 102.pdf

Chapter 107
Sound Emissions

Chapter 107.doc


Chapter 112
Subdivision Regulations

Chapter 112.doc

Chapter 112.pdf

Chapter 114
Private Swimming Pools

Chapter 114.doc

Chapter 114.pdf

Chapter 118

Chapter 118.doc

Chapter 118.pdf

Chapter 119

Chapter 119.doc


Chapter 126
Vehicles & Traffic
(Revised 12-20-2010)


Chapter 126.pdf

Chapter 130

Chapter 130.doc

Chapter 130.pdf

Chapter 133

Chapter 133.doc

Chapter 133.pdf

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