Thurmont Green Team

The Thurmont Green Team was established in May 2015. Since then, this team of dedicated volunteers has been working hard on obtaining the Sustainable Maryland Community certification.  The team accomplished this objective and received this prestigious certification in October 2016.  Action item coordinators have assumed the responsibility of meeting the goals and objectives required of each action item. Many projects have been completed, are in progress, or are planned for the spring.

One of the larger and more exciting planned action items is the creation of a Community Garden. Community Gardens are enjoyed by all, but especially by residents who don’t have the space in their yards to create their own garden. Proximity to multi-family dwellings such as apartments, townhouses, and condos is recommended to service these demographics. With this in mind, Thurmont’s Carroll Street Park is the location of the Thurmont Community Garden. Carroll Street Park is within walking distance of many multi-family dwellings and is a great location for the garden. Public Works staff has prepared a 100’ x 30’ area, creating 24 garden plots. The plots can each be leased for $25.. To learn more about the Community Garden, contact the Community Garden Coordinator at

The county is partnering with the Thurmont Green Team on a Residential Energy Efficiency program. Thurmont residents can take advantage of special Power Saver Initiatives including free energy efficiency screenings for their homes. The Power Saver Retrofits program provides audits and funding assistance in weatherization services to selected residents.

The Green Team is partnering with the Thurmont Regional Library on several upcoming events including a "Green Expo", plant swaps, and other programs.  These programs will provide opportunities for adults and kids to learn about nature and the environment along with an opportunity where residents can ask about the Green Team.

Other completed and planned action items include: Establish and promote the local Farmers’ Market; Establish and promote the local business directory and the “Buy Local” campaign; Develop and Adopt a Pet Waste Ordinance; Participation in the Md. Dept. of Housing & Community Development Sustainable Communities program; Conduct a municipal energy audit; Plant native vegetation and dissuade the use of herbicides along the Maryland Midland Railway; and promote the Thurmont Food Bank.

Team members are: Anita Phillips, Christine Macabee, Greg Daniels, Bobby Myers, Sabrina Massett, Amie McDaniels, Hillary Rothrock, Meghan Euliano, Janel Norton, Cindy Poole, Nicole Luttrell, Thomas Luttrell, Marilyn Worsham, Thomas Kesteven, Thurmont Economic Development Manager Vickie Grinder, and Thurmont Chief Administrative Officer Jim Humerick. To volunteer or to learn more, contact the Thurmont Green Team via e-mail at


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Green Team Vision Statement

The mission of Thurmont’s Green Team is to provide the residents of Thurmont with the necessary tools to increase sustainability efforts throughout the community. Education in economic, environmental, and social aspects of sustainability will be communicated through informative presentations, hands on environmental projects, introduction to money and energy saving opportunities, and promotion of healthy activities and events in the Thurmont area. Individuals, households, neighborhoods, businesses and government are encouraged to realize their conservational responsibility in ensuring a promising future for Thurmont and its citizens for generations to come.

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