Why don't we have crossing guards at all school crossings?
The primary objective at a pedestrian crossing used by students is the protection of children. The chances of meeting this objective increase if the school children and drivers can easily interpret, understand, and follow the traffic control directives in the area of the crossing. Keeping the signing and / or traffic control within school zones consistent throughout a particular jurisdiction accomplishes this understanding.

Adult crossing guards are used at some school crossings in order to supply adequate crossing breaks in the traffic flow, but this type of traffic control can be expensive and the need must be closely evaluated.

A properly designed route to school should not require the use of adult crossing guards. However, this depends on the location of the school, the roadway network, and the location of the child's home. Student should be careful when crossing the street and that not all drivers are necessarily watching out for them. Drivers need to be aware of the possibility of pedestrians in the area.

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