Is it illegal to drive without a license plate on the front of my car?
The Maryland Vehicle Code requires motor vehicles to display a valid registration plate on both the front and rear of a vehicle. Often times, drivers chose not to display a license plate in the front of their vehicle because it may not look appealing, or it has been lost; however, this practice is unlawful. If you have lost a license plate or believe it was stolen, report it to the police and Motor Vehicle Administration, so a duplicate may be issued.

License plates must be securely fastened in a horizontal position to the vehicle for which they are registered. You cannot use a license plate from a different vehicle without notifying the Motor Vehicle Administration and properly transferring the license plate.

The use of license plate covers is illegal. This includes tinted, colored, painted, marked, illuminated, and CLEAR covers that cover any characters of a motor vehicle's registration plate. This law also prohibits the sale of such plate covers.

Registration plates displayed on the rear of a vehicle must display valid stickers. Stickers are issued by the Motor Vehicle Administration and expire on the last date of the month displayed on the sticker (i.e., a sticker displaying 11-06 expires on Nov. 30th, 2006).

Additional information regarding vehicle registration may be obtained online through the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.

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