In Case of Emergency Program

If you should ever become incapacitated in case of an emergency, Thurmont emergency workers need a quick way to find out who they should contact. Police, paramedics and firefighters often waste valuable time trying to figure out which name in a cell phone to call when disaster strikes.

They need to talk immediately to a family member or close friend so you can get the medical attention you need as soon as possible. The Thurmont Police Department launched the In Case of Emergency (ICE) program as a free and easy way to help emergency workers help you.

Signing Up
All you have to do is put the name of your emergency contact in your cell phone phone book with the word "ICE" in front of it. For example, if your emergency contact is Sheila, you should put "ICE -- Sheila" in your phone book. That way, emergency workers treating you can quickly contact Sheila to get the information about you that they need. You can also have more than one emergency contact - you just list them as ICE1, ICE2, and so on.

Putting Information in Cell Phone
The Thurmont Police Department has notified all of the Town’s emergency agencies to look for ICE numbers if they ever come across an unconscious person in an accident. The Thurmont Police Department is the first Frederick County Agency to implement this program.

Now that Police Officers, Firefighters and Paramedics are on the lookout for ICE numbers, putting your emergency contact in your phone could help save your life one day in case of emergency. By working together, we can make Thurmont a safer place for everybody. Please take a moment to put your emergency contact information in your cell phone today.

ICE Advice
Follow these hints to get the best out of ICE:
  • Make sure the person whose name and number you are giving has agreed to be your ICE partner.
  • Make sure your ICE partner has a list of people they should contact on your behalf - including your place of work.
  • Make sure your ICE person's number is one that's easy to contact, for example a home number could be useless in an emergency if the person works full time.
  • Make sure your ICE partner knows about any medical conditions that could affect your emergency treatment - for example allergies or current medication.
Cell Phone Information
The email circulating is a hoax. You are not downloading information and are simply entering in a phone number like any other phone number entered into your cellular phone.

Also, if your contacts aren't showing up know that phones can very between manufacturers and may recognize if you duplicate a phone number entered into the phone. You should consult your owners manual or service provider for tips on working with that entry.