Community Alert System

The Thurmont Police Department is pleased to introduce the development of their Community Alert System (CAS). This program is aimed toward community involvement and information sharing for the residents and businesses of Thurmont. The Thurmont Police Department is requesting all residents and businesses to sign up for this program and become a part of the community network who will receive important information pertaining to their neighborhood or business. This program will enhance the Neighborhood Watch Programs, which have involved citizens in the past.

The CAS will operate as a group email network to residents and businesses. As an example, this system will enable the Thurmont

Police Department to alert specific neighborhoods to suspicious activity and reported criminal activity in their area. Participating businesses can be alerted to persons committing Check and Credit Card Fraud in the area. This system can also be used to announce police related events and public safety awareness. 

To participate in this program, please email the department at with your name and email address.