Planning & Zoning

Purpose Statement

The mission of Planning & Zoning  is to protect and promote the public health, safety and general welfare of the community and more specifically to:

Implement the goals and objectives of the adopted Comprehensive Plan.

Provide standards for the quality and character of development with provisions for the oversight, inspection, and conformance with approved plans.

Promote the efficient use of land and the orderly, well planned development of essential and adequate public facilities and services.

Promote development practices which conserve and protect resources, persons and property from environmental hazard with thoughtful attention to walking trails, parks and open spaces.

 Conserve, protect and enhance property values, and discourage development patterns which run counter to traditional building practices in the Town .

To revitalize downtown, guide commercial uses into specific centers of activities and make the town a center of economic development and employment.

To conserve the towns heritage neighborhoods, enhance the potential housing market to deliver a variety of housing types to meet the need and preference of residents of all income levels and life stages.