Parks & Recreation Commission


  • 6:30 p.m.

  • 1st Monday of January, March, May, July, September, November


  • Amie McDaniels

  • Carl Weber

  • Elizabeth Kraenbring

  • Jim Robbins

  • Ross Lillard

PRC Logo

Authorities and Responsibilities:

The Parks and Recreation commission advises the Chief Administrative Officer and the Board of Commissioners on the proposed development of park facilities and recreational programming for parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, and other recreation activities provided by the Town of Thurmont and/or their partners. Examples of typical duties include;

  • Reviewing plans for park development and providing comments
  • Providing proposed projects for budget consideration
  • Providing recommendations for grant funding opportunities
  • Proposing the creation and Implementation of new park and recreation programs
  • Proposing new park facilities & amenities
  • Reviewing current park rules and regulations and making recommendations for revisions
  • Volunteering at park activities and events

The Parks and Recreation Commission consists of five (5) members appointed by the Board of Commissioners.  Members serve for terms of four (4) years and must apply for re-appointment to the Board of Commissioners at the end of their respective terms.