Message from the Chief

In December 2005, I accepted the position of Chief of Police where I find the position to be honorable and challenging.

In March 1979, I began my law enforcement career as a police officer for Thurmont. To prepare myself for a rewarding career, and to enhance my skills and knowledge, I left Thurmont and joined the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, only to fulfill a long-term goal and dream - to return to Thurmont and become the Chief of Police.

As Chief of Police, I find myself heading a progressive and professional department. The department is made up of well-trained and dedicated members who are committed to serving and protecting the citizens of Thurmont.

The Thurmont Police Department is a community oriented and problem solving law enforcement agency. Our commitment to the philosophy of community policing and problem solving is an organizational strategy that encourages a working partnership between the police and the citizens of the community.
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The relationship is built on a mutual trust and rests on the belief that citizens deserve input into the police process through citizen participation and support. We believe that the Department’s philosophy serves as a catalyst in encouraging citizens to share in the opportunity to enhance their public safety and the quality of life in Thurmont.

I hope that you, the citizens, join the Thurmont Police Department in this endeavor to make a true difference in addressing the needs of our community.


Chief Gregory L. Eyler