Department Policies 

Chapter 4: Internal Affairs

Chapter 5: Collection and Preservation of Evidence

Chapter 6: Property and Evidence Control

Chapter 7: Agency Jurisdiction and Mutual Aid

Chapter 8: Performance Evaluation

Chapter 9: Juvenile Operations

Chapter 10: Victim Witness Assistance

Chapter 11: Prisoner Transportation

Chapter 13: Legal Process

Chapter 15: Contractual Agreements for Law Enforcement Services

Chapter 17: Crime Analysis

Chapter 18: Distribution and Allocation of Personnel and Personnel Alternatives

Chapter 19: Fiscal Management and Agency Owned Property

Chapter 20: Classification and Deliniation of Duties and Responsibilities 

Chapter 22: Collective Bargaining 

Chapter 23: Grievance Procedures

Chapter 26: Training and Career Development

Chapter 27: Promotion

Chapter 29: Vice, Drugs and Organized Crime

Chapter 32: Criminal Intelligence

Chapter 33: Inspectional Services

Chapter 34: Public Information

Chapter 36: Court Security (NA)

Chapter 38: Organization and Administration

Chapter 39: Planning and Research

Appendix A

Appendix C (Written Directives)

Community Policing