Police Department Resources

Annual Report

This annual report of the Thurmont Police Department summarizes a myriad of activities of the Department and its continued effort to provide Thurmont with a professional, proactive, community oriented full service agency.

The accomplishments and successes were a result of the continued diligence, dedication and professionalism from the members of the department as well as the support and partnership between the police and the community. At your own convenience please take the time to look at our reports:

Emergency Readiness for the Disabled

Use the provided link to download a booklet from the Thurmont Police Department you can complete with emergency information for you or your family:

Drug Awareness Resources

The Thurmont Police Department is providing the residents of Thurmont with a list of resources available pertaining to Drug Awareness, Substance Abuse Services and Crisis Intervention. The list contains only a few resources of the many that are accessible for use. Additional information can be obtained by searching the internet, or by contacting the resources provided.
We hope these will be helpful to you:

Common Scam & Fraud Trends

Elder Financial Abuse and Scams Information