Compliments or Complaints

    The Thurmont Police Department is committed to providing services that are fair, impartial, and effective while holding employees to the highest standards of efficiency, morality and professionalism.  We are responsible and accountable to each other as well as the public we serve.  We believe in the concept of continuous improvement in our endeavors, always striving to the best we can be.

            It is the policy of the Thurmont Police Department to provide citizens with a fair, transparent, and effective process for addressing their complaints and/or concerns.  Citizens are encouraged to commend employees when they are appreciative of their service, and are equally encouraged to file a complaint regarding their performance.

            Citizens may make complaints in person at TPD Headquarters, 800 East Main Street, Thurmont, MD, via telephone (301) 271-0905, or via email to the Chief of Police (

            Citizens making complaints shall be required to provide a name, mailing address, and phone number or email if they wish to receive notifications.  The Chief of Police will serve as the Victim’s / Complainant’s Advocate in accordance with Public Safety 3-108.  

The Chief of Police will:

-explain the process of Complaint, Investigation, Administrative Charging Committee, and Trial Board.

- provide the disposition of investigation determined by the Administrative Charging Committee

-provide the complainant with the Trial Board’s decision

-Provide the complainant with an opportunity to review a police officer’s statement, if any, before completion of an investigation by law enforcement agency’s investigative unit. 

-Notify the complainant of the status of the case at every stage of the process; and provide a case summary to the complainant within 30 days after final disposition of the case.

            Members of the Public may obtain records related to Administrative or Criminal Investigations of misconduct by a police officer by filing a request under the Public Information Act.